Competitive Events Recap & 1st Place Winners

215 professional, amateur, and junior athletes flocked to Santa Cruz to participate in various competitive events. Jumpers, pumpers, and short track racers all got their chance to shine at this year’s festival and win cash or sponsor gear.

Full standings can be found on the results page of the festival website.

Specialized/Scotts Valley Cycle Sport SHORT TRACK: Racers wove their way through the heart of the festival, speeding by vendor booths, rallying through off-camber corners and pumping through berms and rollers.

1st Place Winners—Pro/Expert Women: Katie Jay Melena; Pro/Expert Men: Alex Wild; Amateur Women: Sarah Pittiglio; Amateur Men: Nicky DiNapoli; Junior Girls: Lexie Voice; Junior Boys: Joe Van Pykern

Epicenter Cycling/Saris-CycleOps PUMP TRACK PANDEMONIUM: Riders raced against the clock, shredding rollers and perfectly apexed berms.

1st Place Winners—Pro/Expert Men: George Stephenson; Amateur Women: Vivian Kam; Amateur Men: Nicky DiNapoli; Juniors: Niko Kilik; Groms: Lee Faraola; Tots: Koa Dephydt

Summer Gravity Camp 831 AMATEUR JUMP CONTEST: Amateur rippers pushed their limits and vied for the grand prize: a week-long camp experience at Andrew Shandro’s Summer Gravity Camp in Whistler, B.C. The contest was judged by Cam McCaul and Ryan “R-Dog” Howard and won by Luke Rivas.

1st Place Winners—Amateur Men: Luke Rivas; Expert Junior: Connor Gallart; Beginner: Jackson Goldstone. PLUS—Stand out moves to Warren Kniss (Good Save, Creative Line), Max Langille (Best Trick), Owen Marks (Ball Rider) and Austin Stevens (Style and Flow)

Kat Sweet’s SUGAR SHOWDOWN Jump Competition: For the first time, the ladies got to compete at the renowned Aptos Post Office Jumps on a new beginner/women’s line created by pro rider Lisa Tharp.

1st Place Winners—Pro: Lisa Tharp; Amateur: Nora Hairston; Novice: Lauren Gregg


The Aptos Post Office Jumps have been the training grounds for a number of world-class dirt jumpers. This year the community bids farewell to these beloved jumps as the ground they stand on has long been slated for construction. Braden Barret-Hay, Jake Kinney, Tyler McCaul, Max Kavert, Raymond George, Jeff Herbertson and Ryan “R-Dog” Howard all threw down cash-winning tricks, and were joined by fellow pro talent Andrew Bigelow, Sam Dueck, Jack Fogelquist, Eric Johnson, Alex Kachlakev, Cary Kotowski, Kyle Quesnel, Max Rausch, Garrett Robertson, Simon Silver and Will Stewart for this last big tribute to these historic jumps.